Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kristie's 30th Birthday Cupcakes!

So today at work Amber and I were talking to Kristie and found out it was her 30th birthday in July and she didn't even have a party! I volunteered to make the cupcakes (and we will surprise her with them tomorrow).
I was dying to try out my new dessert decorator (pictured at the bottom) and it works just as great as I had hoped. It allows me to ice cupcakes faster with 'bigger' icing tips meaning more yumminess all around!
If you think you are seeing sparkles along with the Silver dragees, you would be right! I put edible sparkles on these cupcakes... I promise it looks amazing in person, the camera just couldnt catch how neat it really looked.
The actual cake in these is a mix of white and purple... it should look great when you bite into it!
The chocolate medalions are made with melting wafers and my poor hand writing (my mom is soooo much better at that part).
This is my new dessert decorator... I love it!