Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cali's Tinkerbell cake

For Cali's 3rd birthday she wanted a Tinkerbell cake! I let her pick out the picture of Tinkerbell from a few printouts I found online a month ago. I used rice paper and edible makers to trace out Tinkerbell and then a #1 circular tip with chocolate icing to outline all the colors. I think it turned out pretty cute.

I got a few pointers from Mom on icing the edges... I have the worst time smoothing things out, but apparently I have been using milk when I should be using cream. I will get it right next time... still tasted awesome... right Mom? (haha, I saw how many pieces you took!)

Tinkerbell Stripes

The inside of the cake! I used white cake mix and colored it purple and green... then layered it all with Bavarian creme (yummm)

Happy Birthday Cali!

I had to borrow one of Julie's pictures... I was so surprised when Cali asked for the "3" part of the cake when there was a whole Tinkerbell!! Haha, maybe its because the 3 sparkled so much!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Declan's Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

It turned out pretty cute.... I will try and take better pictures tomorrow at Declan's party, I was just using my phone to take all these pictures (Brian had taken off with my little canon camera!)

The making of the Lightning McQueen Cake!

So.... be proud of me, I finally moved away from 'the box' of cake mix! I found an amazing chocolate cake recipe on another baking blog I read and it is just awesome. I baked a couple batches of the cake, threw them in the freezer and then started putting everything together (I highly recommend freezing your cake especially when layering because it makes it soooo much easier to handle large sections of cake without breakage)

Ah yes, chocolate cake, chocolate icing and cherries.... yummy!

Top layer on... again, frozen cake... super easy to put on!!

I tooth picked down my photocopied stencil to cut out the car shape for the top of the cake.... frozen cake is super easy to cut and it hardly leaves any crumbles, nice clean edges.

Since the cake is cartoony anyhow, it was great to ice backgrounds without worrying about things being smooth! I wanted the mountains to have movement.

So the background is butter cream... and for the road, I formed it out of chocolate icing, which is stickier than the butter cream, so the Oreo cookie crumbs would stick and look more like a nice asphalt road.

If you are wondering how I got my cake plate so clean after working with Oreo crumbs.... haha... I got out the vacuum... :) (totally not joking, I did!!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prep for upcoming Birthdays!

Declan and Cali's birthdays are coming up... Looks like disney is popular! I found the characters online, printed and enlarged, then traced on rice paper with edible ink. Declan's birthday is up first, can't wait to get started on his "Cars" cake!