Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunflower Cupcakes with Ladybugs

I tried out new cupcakes tonight... Sunflower Cupcakes! I think they need a little work. 1st off, I realized I was almost out of food coloring once I started decorating so the colors are not as viberant as I wanted. Also, the apartment was a bit on the warm side so the icing looks a little melted. Anyhow, after some more practice I am sure these will look really awesome!

Fun with Sprinkles

A few weeks ago when I visited Katie, Ian and Aaron in Victoria they took me to a great cake decorating shop in Victoria where I got some really great sprinkles. I got some clear large sprinkles, Mini hearts, Black Sprinkles and Gold Sprinkles (thought those were different). They look really great on their own... I will have to think of a way to use them more creatively.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Party Princess Cupcakes

Alot of planning went in to these princesses! Many of the suggested ingredients were almost impossible to find and I needed to come up with substitutions. Who would have thought that the little silver ball edible decorations are near impossible to find?? I ended up finding them by fluke in an Italian meat shop on Hastings Street in Vancouver. The dresses were made out of rolled fondant (not rolled spice drops as recommended.... it didnt work). I used pringles vanilla bread sticks instead of pretzels as I thought that would be more tastey than a salty pretzel to hold the head up through the cupcakes. The entire princess is fully edible from top to bottom and it was definately fun seeing my nieces get excited about eating them!

Party Princess Cupcake on Cake

Cali's 1st birthday cake! I put one of the party princess cupcakes on the top as a decoration. The cake was 3 layers: white, chocolate and rainbow bit with bavarian creme on the inside. I used butter cream icing. The lettering was done by melting white chocolate wafers and hand writing the letters on wax paper, put in the fridge for 5 min and then gently peel off the wax paper and stick on the cake (make extra letters incase they break!!). The top of the cake was sprinkled with pink chocolate curls that I bought in a cake decorating store in Victoria.

Butterfly Cupcakes

These butterfly cupcakes were my first creation from the "Hello, Cupcake" book. I thought it looked the easiest!! (even though I wouldn't classify these as easy). The wings are made of melted chocolate wafers. The blue chocolate was my own idea, I like a bit of color. I used pre-made icing for the cupcakes, which I won't do next time, it wasn't strong enough to hold up the wings (I had to use tooth pics to prop them up). I think a nice thick butter cream would do the trick next time.

Hello, Cupcake

I love making cupcakes... people know this about me... I thought I made decent cupcakes before, but ever since Jeanie found the "Hello, Cupcake" book and gave it to me for Christmas... I gotta say, I have kicked it up a notch. I made this blog up just to show off the fun cupcakes I end up making... might not happen all the time, but its still fun to look at! Enjoy (and if your lucky... you might get to try one!!)