Thursday, December 29, 2011

Funny Story... well...

Sooooo... After alot of thought, I decided I wanted a new Stand Mixer for Christmas. Brian and I had come up with budgets for spending this year and the new Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer fit nicely in that budget, but I wouldn't get anything else! Christmas day comes, I was ready with a new glass bowl I pre-bought at Amazon to go with my new mixer... I opened it up, plugged it in and the attachments keep hitting the bowl. After numerous adjustments, nothing made it better. Oh well... we will exchange for a new one on boxing day. Boxing day comes, Brian runs to the store, makes the exchange and brings back Kitchenaid # 2. Open the box, plug it in (feeling excited again) and this time, the motor is running really rough, like rough in the way you are not comfortable with. So, the next day, I join Brian and head back to the store to pick up Kitchenaid # 3. We bring it home and reluctantly open the box and plug it in. Guess what... all attachments are hitting the bowl again!! Motor is fine, but again, no adjustments can correct the problem. This time after calling the store manager, we figure we would try a different store location and drive out to abby to pick up Kitchenaid # 4. After arriving home, even more fearful this time... we plug it in and guess what... the motor is defective AGAIN!! UGH!! At this point, I was done... Brian was ready to drive in to Coquitlam to try another store but I said forget it... Clearly something in the universe is telling me that this machine isn't the right one for me! It's too bad because it really is a nice looking machine. I will say I didn't like how loud it runs comparatively to my mixer (which I have given to Mom as a Christmas gift with new attachments). Luckily, I can return the bowl I bought back to Amazon (less shipping of course, but I understand that). So, definitely feeling disappointed over my Christmas gift so far...

I have now placed an order for a new Hamilton Beach Eclectics Stand Mixer, in Licorice, through Amazon and am super excited for it to arrive. I have now been without a mixer for a week (which is painful for me) and have to wait another week or so for the new arrival, but I have a feeling this one will be a keeper! Can't wait!!! The funny part, its the same mixer I just gave Mom, but this one is black instead of the mint green! Oh well, its a great Mixer and now Mom and I will both have one!!
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